Community Media Network

"We are happy to supply this testimonial for Professional Development Ltd in regard to our recent website which was produced by them.

Designing a website is daunting to anyone who wishes to get on the net. As a company we had very specific requirements to meet the need of our clients. We had looked at several companies to help us, and even looked at doing it ourselves, but after 2 years we were becoming very disillusioned with the whole process we nearly gave up. On a chance meeting with John he made it sound too easy.

Within two weeks we had a template signed off, and started our 3 hour training. After several hours we had a basic grasp of the development programme, and I expected to spend many hours on the phone as we put the design in place. Three days later we were on the web, and in the last two weeks I have fine-tuned the site with only one phone call for help.

I am surprised how simple and versatile this system is to use, and how professional the site looks. We are able to change things within minutes and update our site. We have not come across anything that cannot be done, and John was available by telephone to answer questions to guide us through any new requirements.

We found John and his team a pleasure to deal with. They listened to what we wanted on our site, and more importantly what our clients require. The feedback from our clients has been very positive.

I am happy to recommend Professional Development Limited, for both their professionalism and from a price perspective

Grant Burnett
Managing Director
Community Media Network Limited.